About iKU Sushi.  

Located at the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, we aim to provide fresh and healthy sushi options all day round.

Because we understand you have better things to do than waiting for seats and food to be served. We offer you a simple and quick process of grabbing your meal on the go.
Saving you time and enhancing convenience, Iku sushi allows guests to choose from a wide range of options, and the power to decide when and where to enjoy them.

Be ready to get pumped up for a productive day with our light, nourishing delicacies at reasonable prices.

Fresh, Fast & Fabulous
Thats all we care Economical.  

At iKU Sushi, we understand the importance to eat fast and eat smart. Our passionate sushi experts make quality sushi fresh every morning and throughout the day, using only the finest raw materials sourced from sustainable seafood suppliers and local farmers.

More importantly, we care about your enjoyment as much as your health. So it is of no surprise that our sushi is not only fast, filling, but also taste as great as they could be.

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Philosophy of Sustainability.

At iKU Sushi, sustainability is at the core of every action we take, from sourcing raw ingredients to treating leftovers. It is important not to deprive the earth’s resources from our future generations. And we also work hard to make a positive impact on the communities in which we work.

With that in mind, we intended that our seafood come from sustainable fish farms in Chile and South East Asia, while seasonal fruits and vegetables are sourced only from local farms.

Daily Happy Hour
30% OFF 4pm-6pm

Getting sushi at happy hour is actually good for you, and the planet too!

Whether you’re taking a break from work, or getting dinner on the way home, it’s just impossible to miss this offer. Plus, you help reduce food waste at the same time!

We are working hard to cultivate a better world with more filled people, and less food waste. And we need your support.


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Our Sushi Character

Mr. Wakame

Ms. Tuna

Mr. Octopus

Mr. Egg

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